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Advantages of Your Charitable Giving In 2015


Tax Deductions Advantages of Your Charitable Giving in 2015 If you are one of the many individuals that elect to show your generosity throughout the year by donating your time, money, and other resources to people, businesses, and organizations, it is imperative that you become familiar with the tax deductions advantages associated with your charitable […]

These 5 Commonly-Missed Tax Deductions Could Be Costing You Money

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Almost everyone complains about paying taxes, wouldn’t you agree?. In fact, many people go to great (sometimes) illegal lengths to avoid paying them. However, the IRS estimates that millions of taxpayers fail to claim these overlooked tax deductions, thereby overpaying their taxes each year! Here is a list of a few of the more common tax […]

Are You Making These 5 Tax-Filing Mistakes?

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Ahh, tax time!  The time in America where everyone gets a little edgy, a little nervous and a little anxious as we patiently await our peril (owing more to Uncle Sam) or our “profit” (a big refund). Accountants are settled in to their cubby holes, people are scrambling to gather all their documents and Uncle […]