How to Overcome Your Idolatry of Money

True Wealth

So last time we looked at how to identify if money has become your idol.  Today we want to tackle the question of “so what do we do about it?” In today’s culture, idolatry isn’t building some golden calf to bow down to.  We hear that story of the Israelites in Egypt worshiping the gold cow […]

The Most Costly $7,500 Ever Made – What Would You Do For Money?

True Wealth

What would you do for some extra cash? In this rough economy, many people would be glad to make a few extra bucks right now. But how far would you be willing to go for $7,500? Would you steal for it? Would you lie for it? How about kill someone for it? The most costly […]

Ageless Moneybags

True Wealth

I came across Luke 12:32-34 this week, which talks about true treasure and uses the word moneybags, which I think is cool. In our day, moneybags has come to describe someone who is extravagantly wealthy (think: Rich Uncle Moneybags from Monopoly), but back in the day it was simply a bag for carrying your money. Take […]