Does Buying Homeowner’s Insurance Mean You Don’t Trust God?

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When you move into your own place, you move all your worldly goods and, most precious to your heart, your family into it. Do you want to protect it? Of course you do. Home insurance comparison sitesprofess that home insurance is absolutely essential, but just how essential is it? In the modern world, we’re faced […]

This Week in Personal Finance – January 22, 2010

Personal Finance

What a week.  We closed on our house last week and are still living with many unpacked boxes – but that’s OK, it’s just great to be in and sleeping there! It’s been hard to post this past week since I didn’t plan ahead and have my internet hooked the day we moved in – […]

7 Things You Don’t Want to Be Caught Dead Without

Estate Planning

No one enjoys talking about their demise, but you can’t avoid the topic of estate planning in personal finance. Being prepared will likely save your loved ones a boat-load of money in taxes as well as a lot of stress. Read this no-nonsense guide to 7 documents you should know about when it comes to end-of-life planning.