Trusting God

Does Buying Homeowner’s Insurance Mean You Don’t Trust God?


When you move into your own place, you move all your worldly goods and, most precious to your heart, your family into it. Do you want to protect it? Of course you do. Home insurance comparison sitesprofess that home insurance is absolutely essential, but just how essential is it? In the modern world, we’re faced […]

How Do You Know When God Asks You to Give Up Your Treasure?

Personal Finance

I’m currently reading Pursuit of Godby A.W. Tozer.  I first read it eight years ago, but I wanted to re-read it because I remember how powerful it was at the time. If I had to choose only one book to recommend that will challenge you in your walk with God, it would be this book!  It will confront your idols […]

Overcoming Anxiety – How Worry Reveals What We Worship

True Wealth

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching a Young Marrieds class at my church about finances and faith. The first week we walked through Luke 12:13-34 and discussed what it means to live missionally with our money, some pitfalls to living missionally with our money and then how to actually live missionally […]