How to Overcome Your Idolatry of Money

True Wealth

So last time we looked at how to identify if money has become your idol.  Today we want to tackle the question of “so what do we do about it?” In today’s culture, idolatry isn’t building some golden calf to bow down to.  We hear that story of the Israelites in Egypt worshiping the gold cow […]

How to Tell if Money Has Become Your Idol

Personal Finance

Oh boy – here he goes again on a rant about how we love money way too much. Doesn’t this guy write about anything relevant? Just hear me out a second. You and I both know that if we were painfully honest with each other, we’d have to admit that there is a sense in […]

Overcoming Anxiety – How Worry Reveals What We Worship

True Wealth

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching a Young Marrieds class at my church about finances and faith. The first week we walked through Luke 12:13-34 and discussed what it means to live missionally with our money, some pitfalls to living missionally with our money and then how to actually live missionally […]