The Gospel

Redeemed, Restored and Renewed

God’s story is a story of redemption, restoration, renewal and hope. 

We were created to live in harmony with our Creator, but with the Fall of man (Genesis 3) entered sin, rebellion and a new faulty world view that would lead us to think we find our happiness in other things besides God himself.

To put it bluntly – we are sinful – and there is a hefty price to pay for our sin (Romans 3:23).

Ever since the Fall of man, God has been writing his Redemption story.  His mission is to redeem us back to the relationship we were meant to have with him from the very beginning.  One of complete joy and purity.

The good news is that God’s plan was to send his son, Jesus Christ, to live the life we never could (He was perfect) and die the death that we deserved because of our sin.

We broke the law, but Jesus paid our fine!!  He lived, died and was resurrected so that our relationship with God could be restored.

God redeemed his people! 

Why We Need Help

Our hearts are easily swayed away from God and toward things that don’t really bring us true joy.

In the case of our money, we are prone to love riches more than God.  God is the gospel – He is our good news.  He is our hope.

What’s so good about the gospel?  Click on The Story to find out! 

This is not an advertisement, simply a means to explain what the Gospel really is.

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