Win $500 in the 2009 Love/Hate Credit Cards Contest

by Jason on December 4, 2009

How would you like to win a $500 American Express Gift Card or even a $100 gift card just in time for last-minute holiday shopping? 

Who wouldn’t!?

Joel, over at Credit Card Chaser is running the 2009 Credit Card Chaser LOVE/HATE credit cards contest. 

Head on over to Joel’s site to enter your comments for a shot at the $100 gift card.  If you’re a blogger – write a post about your own LOVE/HATE story with credit cards for a chance to win the big prize! 

In the meantime…

Here’s My Credit Card Story

I absolutely LOVED my Chase Visa Golf Card, but now I HATE it.  With this card I earned dollar for dollar rewards with no limits. 

After a certain amount of points Chase would automatically send me a “golf pack“, which included a free round of golf at hundreds of courses around the country along with a 6-pack of Nike golf balls and a pack of tees

Because I ran all my business expenses on this card I managed to earn seven or eight free rounds of golf, about four-dozen golf balls and countless tees!  It was a pretty sweet gig – that is until Chase shut the card down

After having the card for two years I got an unexpected letter in the mail stating that they no longer supported the rewards program and that I could no longer use the card for purchases and any points I had earned would be forfeited!  What a crock! 

So Chase Visa Golf Card – I got no love for ya! 

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