How Should We Help the Poor?

by Jason on March 11, 2010

My post called What’s the Best Way to Help the Poor is up today over at Christian Personal Finance.  I wanted to provide a link to it from here because I had a lot of fun writing that post and wanted to also start a good discussion over there as well.

Sometimes the very things we think will help the poor end up hurting them and the very things they really need – we don’t give to them.

Too often we only want to help the people who “deserve it”, but is that the right way of thinking about helping the poor?  Remember, Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves – well what does that mean when it comes to the poor, the marginalized, the weak and infirmed?

So what are the best ways to help the poor?  I’d love to hear your thoughts – so check out the post over at Christian PF!

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