What Is Your Credit Card Payoff?

by Jason on April 14, 2010

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Have you ever wondered what your credit card payoff would be?

In other words, how long will it take at your current rate and payment to payoff credit card debt!?

Some of us probably don’t want to know because we don’t want to get depressed.

But it’s actually a good idea to see what exactly you need to do to get rid of that credit card debt faster!

I stumbled upon a mortgage site that has a ton of calculators to use, so below you’ll find one that I thought might be helpful in calculating your credit card payoff.

Before you jump right in, consider these three reasons why you should calculate your credit card payoff:

To Get a Reality Check on Your Credit Card Debt

I remember back in college when I first started making credit card mistakes and racking up debt I had a relaxed attitude towards it.  It just wasn’t a big deal for me – that is until I started getting deeper and deeper in debt.

I needed a reality check on my current situation to understand the devastating affects of credit card debt!  Seeing how long it will take you to payoff credit card debt will give you that reality check!

To Motivate You to Payoff Your Credit Card Debt

Hopefully what that reality check will do is then motivate you to start getting rid of credit card debt faster!  Getting “gazelle-like-intensity” as Dave Ramsey likes to call it!

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To Help You Understand the Dangers of Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are wild beasts that need to be tamed!  Do you believe that?  They really are.

If you’ve got a relaxed attitude about your credit cards and don’t really seem to care (like many people I talk to) you need a quick wake up call to see the dangers of credit card debt!

So go ahead, type in your situation in the Credit Card Payoff Calculator below and see what your credit card payoff really is!

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Card Calculator © ML

What Is Your Credit Card Payoff?

Care to share your results with us below?  Let’s motivate each other to pay off those credit cards!!!

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