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Who Should Christians Give To?

by Jason on May 20, 2010

Should Christians Donate to Charity or To The Local Church?

So a couple weeks ago we looked at the question of, “How Much Should Christians Give?”.

Part One set the stage and Part Two really delved into why we want to know how much to give and why the New Testament is eerily silent on the topic of tithing and percentages to give.

Today we want to address the issue of WHO.  Who should we give to – or as my Grammar Nazi’s would correctly state – To Whom Should Christians Give?

Should Christians donate to charity or give to their local church first?

Interesting Question

Last week I received this question from a reader:

Is it better to give to a Christian organization that does good work, or does it matter if it’s a secular organization that does good work?

The work, in either case, is done for the good of people which God desires, but one promotes God’s name, the other doesn’t. How would that factor in to the believer’s decisions? Does it matter?

This is a great question!  Should we donate to charity – good organizations doing good things – or only “Christian” organizations.

I think this raises the bigger question of who should a Christian give to?

So what I’d like to do today is give my opinion and then I really want to hear from other readers on this issue!

My Two Cents

I think we should first and foremost give to organizations that we are receiving the most blessing from – that is usually (or at least should be) the local church you belong to.

Think about it: the church has a lot of expenses to operate from week to week.

They are providing a place to (hopefully) hear the Word of God preached, a place of comfort for those who are in a tough spot and a place of community.

They provide avenues for ministries, which takes money to make that happen.

Unfortunately in today’s Christian consumerist culture we hop around, looking for something to make us feel good with no ties and certainly no obligations to give.

I’m sure the early church had problems with giving too, but I read some of the stories in Acts that demonstrate people’s willingness to give generously to the body of Christ as it had need.

The church should take the directive with that.

The church does have a responsibility for good stewardship just like individuals have, so going to the leaders and finding out what they do with the money is an important thing.

As far as giving to Christian organizations or non-Christian ones, we should probably have a priority to Christian ones that meet needs, share Christ and practice good stewardship.

I don’t think it’s wrong to give to your local American Red Cross or other non-Christian organizations – I do think that we need to have a priority list.

At the end of the day we need to realize that our greatest demonstration of our faith comes in seeking the common good of our cities and communities.

I think giving our time, energy and resources to promoting that is a good witness.

Your Two Cents

It’s your turn!  What do you think?

Should Christians only give to their local church?

Should Christians donate to charity or “non-Christian” organizations?

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