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Best of Money Carnival #73 – Cigar Guy is Everywhere Edition

by Jason on October 18, 2010

Over the last couple weeks, Rupesh Shangadia has become an international sensation!

You might recognize him by his other name – Cigar Guy.

Cigar Guy is the man that took the spotlight off one of the most amazing photos taken of a Tiger Woods duff shot.

If you missed the original photo, check it out here.  You can’t miss Cigar Guy in that photo.

At first, I thought this photo was a total prank, but no, he really did go to the Ryder cup wearing a wig, fake ‘stash and chomping on a giant stogie!

The most intersting man in the world (for now) has even appeared on the Today Show.

I figured since I was hosting the Best of Money Carnival, that it’d be nice to get the international-stogie-chomping-wig-wearing-sensation to help grade the posts for us.

By the way, Cigar Guy mentioned he’s a big fan of Redeeming Riches and thinks you should become a subscriber too! 😉

If you’re not familiar with a Blog Carnival, it is a way to highlight the top personal finance articles over the past week, and build community among other bloggers.

The Best of Money Carnival highlights the top 10 posts.  This week saw some stiff competition as there were 53 submissions!!

That said, Cigar Guy and I spent some time over the weekend reading and whittling down to the 10 best for the week!

Coming in at #10


I recently heard of someone offering their computer services on Craiglist in hopes to making some side income.  I thought this was a great idea.

Cigar Guy Rating: 3 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #9

A very good question, especially these days.

Cigar Guy Rating: 3 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #8

This was a good post with some great reminders on saving money on taxes with links to various articles on the subject!

Cigar Guy Rating: 3 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #7

  • Freefrombroke presents Where To Find Cheap Fun Family Activities – 6 Places posted at Free From Broke.

I have a three year old and a 20 month old, so this post really resonated with me, and offered up some great ideas!

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 Stogies

Coming in at #6

Solid advice from PT – especially about opening a 529 plan with yourself as beneficiary if you are still expecting and then changing the beneficiary to your child once he or she is born!

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 Stogies

Coming in at #5

Since my wife has had some health issues in the past, I can remember going through these things mentioned in this post!  Great reminders and items to be thinking of when dealing with medical care.

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #4

Great overview of “Rebalancing”!  This can sometimes be a confusing topic, but this was laid out great!

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #3

Wow!  The title nails this one on the head.  FAFSA is a crazy world!! Great job from FMF giving some insights into college financial aid!

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 1/2 Stogies

Coming in at #2

Very interesting article on inflation, deflation and biflation!  Are we doomed to repeat Japan’s history?  Great insights here from 2 Cents!

Cigar Guy Rating: 4 1/2 Stogies

***Editor’s Choice***

Our numero uno article takes a look at a moral and ethical dilemma.  Cigar Guy and I debated how we would respond in this situation – how would you respond?  Great post that generated a lot of comments.

Cigar Guy Rating: 5 Stogies

So there you have it – Best of Money Carnival #73, with guest host Cigar Guy!!

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