October 2010

6 Warning Signs You Are on the Wrong Career Path

Personal Finance

Yahoo recently ran an article on warning signs you need a new job! So, I thought I’d post this along with some commentary and ask, “Is a Career Change Right for You?” Do you need a new career?  Here are the warning signs: Sign #1 – You want to make more money. Yahoo says: There’s […]

5 Ways You Can Become More Generous

Personal Finance

Generosity should be one of the leading marks of any Christian. Yet, so many of us are tight-fisted when it comes to our finances. Why is that? Part of the reason, in my opinion, is that money is our idol! If we were really honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we love it.  We live […]

How to Honor God in the Workplace – Instructions for Workers

Personal Finance

Did you know that when we go to work we have a chance to honor God? The way that we perform our job and interact with our employer says much about our relationship with God. Does God REALLY expect us to obey our boss? We are commanded by God to be obedient to those who […]