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Office Guy Movie Round Up: Using Coupons on a First Date!

by Jason on November 19, 2010

To make things a little more fun with Round Ups, I’m trying a new format for my posts!

Each time I post one of these Round Ups, I will choose one post as the feature!

I will also try to make a little movie about the post with Office Guy! is a Text-to-Movie format where you can type in your text and animations, and your characters will become actors in your movie.

I first found out about Xtranormal when a friend sent me this hilarious movie called How to Invite Your Co-Worker to Church!

My first movie is here.

This Week’s Featured Post

This week’s featured post is Tacky or Thrifty, from Free Money Finance. This post was actually put up a couple weeks ago, but I am just getting to the Round Up now.

This post asks the question:

Is it considered tacky or thrifty to use a coupon on a first date?

Since I’m married, this is purely hypothetical, but a coupon on a first date seems a bit tacky.  I think it’d be great to do on later dates, but probably not first one.

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