Can You Really Make Money Through Trading Online?

by Redeeming Riches on October 27, 2017

With the internet making virtually any aspect of life accessible without leaving the home, more people are turning to online investment strategies for their long-term financial planning. All too often, first-time investors dive into the stock market or other financial situations without an innate understanding of how things work.

There are many online accounts of individuals earning massive incomes from trading various financial instruments via online trading platforms. The real question for many is: can I actually make money in the same way? We’ll walk through the pros and cons of trading online so that you can make a decision about whether to invest.

Evaluate Your Initial Investment

A big part of making money by trading online revolves around having money. The old adage of “it takes money to make money” couldn’t apply more here. While it is relatively easy to make a profit by trading stocks, bonds, and other financial commodities online, in absolute terms, it might not add up to much.

For those starting out with $1,000, earning 20% on that per year would only yield around $200 in the first year. Even if we assume a very large return on investment, it would hardly be enough to live on. Contrast that with somebody who has $1,000,000 to invest: even a modest 5% annual ROI would produce $50,000 per year, which is enough for many people to make ends meet.

As such, the amount of money you have to invest – and the amount of risk you’re willing to take on – will determine whether you can earn big bucks.

Know Your Markets

One of the biggest determining factors in whether you can grow your initial investment is a basic understanding of market conditions. Without this knowledge, you are likely doomed to fail in any investment strategy.

As such, developing an understanding of the precise industries or markets you’re investing in is crucial. A wide variety of solutions exist to assist new investors. One such example is, which provides tips and points of contact for learning about various markets via social trading platforms.

Other options include community forums and platforms such as Investopedia, which can help you to determine whether any particular strategy is a wise decision.

Pick the Right Approach

Before you pour in all of your savings or select specific investments, it’s crucial to understand the full range of options available.

Many people invest in the stock market, which usually produces smaller but more predictable yields over the long-term. If you’re willing to engage in day-trading, then you can dramatically increase your earnings via stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

There is also an emerging market for investment options that feature substantial risk and volatility – but it can also yield tremendous returns on investment if done properly. The cryptocurrency market has become one of the most notable examples of high-risk, high-yield investment opportunity.

So the final verdict is this: countless people make money by trading stocks and commodities online. Whether or not you can earn big bucks – such as a full-time income – depends on the amount you invest initially, the level of skill you possess, and how much risk you’re willing to take. However, tens of millions of Americans are invested in the markets and do earn money over the long-term, so at a minimum, trading online can be a viable way to earn some profit from the convenience of home.

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