What Jobs Make The Most Money? A Look Into The Top 5 Earners

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For a long time, people have always been obsessed with jobs make the most money. The truth of the matter is that everyone dreams and aspires to become financially independent. The thought of having a “fat” bank account always makes people go to extra lengths to get a quality education as well as try their […]

3 Tips to Help Make Extra Money

Making Money
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The Great Recession has had a big effect on many people. Job losses, investment losses, and housing losses (through foreclosures), have forced many folks to look for as many ways to save money as possible. It’s also forced them to look for ways to make extra money too! Although times are tough, this also has […]

7 Secrets to Having Success at Work According to Steve Jobs

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I found this great article on Steve Jobs’ secrets to success at work. Success at work is defined in various ways for sure.  In my mind it’s not just about profit, success at work depends on how much you impact the lives of others. If you could point to any CEO over the last century […]

This Week in Personal Finance – February 12, 2010

Personal Finance

It’s been a great week!  My first post as a writer went up on Christian PF (see link below).  I’m excited about the opportunity to write for a great site like that. The markets have been a little crazy this week and there still a lot of talk about our national debt.  The best thing […]