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9 Tips to Help You Create Passive Income for Life

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Once you’ve had a taste of passive income, it’s hard to deny it can become almost habit forming. Seeing and understanding how your money can work for you, and create money of its own with little or no work from you, is a wonderful feeling. It is often the feeling of independence – financial independence […]

This Week in Personal Finance – March 19, 2010

Personal Finance

It’s been a busy week, but a great week – we’re finally getting over our sicknesses at the R2 household! It’s also a great week because the NCAA tournament begins!  I love March Madness – the games are always full of good sports drama and usually very exciting! But, it’s another week in the books and it’s time for […]

This Week in Personal Finance – February 19, 2010

Personal Finance

Well, investors will be getting a wake-up-call this morning from the Fed letting them know that easy money won’t be around forever! Thirty minutes after the markets closed on Thursday, the Fed raised the rate it charges banks for emergency loans by a quarter percentage point to 0.75%.  This was a move that came as a bit […]