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5 Things Every Baby Boomer Must Know About Retirement Savings

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According to Wikipedia, Baby Boomers are those who are born between 1946-1964 – meaning they range in age from 46-64 years of age. Retirement is certainly on their minds and they are concerned about how much they need for retirement savings. As baby boomers approach the magical age, there are some pretty important things to […]

Why You’re Off Track for Your Retirement (And What to Do About It)


Perhaps you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what happened to your plans! Whatever grand allusions you had for retirement – whether it was spending more time with family, more time volunteering or simply more time seeing the wonders of the world  – maybe you find yourself thinking “I may never be able to retire.” Here are […]

Who Can You Count on For Retirement?

Retirement Planning

The government, your employer or yourself? Who do you count on for your retirement?

What is a Roth IRA?


No doubt most people have heard of a Roth IRA, after all, they’ve been around since 1998.  Although they’ve been available for over 11 years, I’m constantly amazed by how many people are just simply unsure of exactly what they are or what they do. The Basics: What is an IRA? An IRA is simply […]