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Are Points Pointless or Valuable? Credit Card Incentives Unmasked

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When it comes to credit cards, scoring points is the name of the game. You don’t score points if you don’t spend money. And, sometimes, the points can be at least as valuable as what you happen to be charging to the card. Here’s how point work, and how to decide whether or not the points […]

Paying With Cash VS Credit Cards – A Different Take

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What, another article debating the pros and cons of cash versus credit cards? Yes. And no. I’d like to take a look at this topic from a different angle. Sometimes the reasons we use one product or service has less to do with dollars and cents than it does with non-financial reasons. That’s how I’d […]

Why Credit Cards for Bad Credit are Your Greatest Credit Repair Tools

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If you’re not sure where to begin rebuilding your credit score, consider opening up a credit card for people with bad credit. We know what you’re probably thinking: ‘He’s joking, right?’ Believe it or not, one of the most simple ways you can start the process of repairing your poor credit is by opening a […]

The Best Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping 2012

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The holiday shopping season seems to sneak up on us practically every year. It seems like just yesterday that everyone you know was in a mad rush to get their holiday shopping done. In the excitement of the holiday season, however, many people forget to do a little financial research that could end up saving […]

How To Get Old Debts Under Control

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My friends may make fun of me for being a frugal spender (which is really just my way of saying that I’m cheap), but they always wonder how I was able to control my debt. Because I get this question so often, I decided to put together a step-by-step guide to paying down your debt […]

Consolidating Debts With Bad Credit: Can It Be Done?


(Author’s Bio: Valerie Anne Reyes is an in-house writer from Franklin Debt Relief, a company specializing in programs for people with high credit card debt.) The problem of credit card debt is a common one shared by millions of people. This problem is one that some people have managed to endure without seeing much impact […]

Comparing the U.S. Economy to Australia

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Are you under the impression that consumers all over the world generally adhere to the same consumer banking practices? If so, you are way off. And By comparing consumer banking practices in the United States and Australia, you will quickly see that there are some major differences. This does not mean that one country is […]

6 Tips for Wise Credit Card Usage

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With all the credit card debt out there, it seems like it would be helpful to define what appropriate credit card usage is. This begins with a preliminary observation. That is simply this – credit card usage is a choice. Thus, if you’ve proven to yourself that you can’t use them appropriately, then you’re better […]

10 Credit Card Traps Just Waiting to Trip You Up!

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A recent article on Yahoo Finance referenced 7 credit card traps to watch out for.  It was a good article outlining a few of the traps out there with credit cards. Personally, I find credit cards to be extremely helpful as a business owner, and in our personal finances, but that comes only after a toilet-cleaning campaign […]

How You Can Turn Your Credit Card Rewards Program Into Charity Donations

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We all know there are tons of credit cards on the market which offer extra rewards for certain types of spending, such as gas and groceries. However what you may not know is that a handful of rewards programs give you extra rewards for charity donations, too. Here are the 3 most popular rewards programs […]

Personal Credit Cards VS Small Business Credit Cards for Starting a Business

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Starting a business necessarily involves significant amounts of capital spending. The industry, and the product or service the business seeks to provide, may dictate purchasing equipment, factory or office space and hiring employees. Entrepreneurs who want to start a business and work at building it full-time have little choice but to go into debt. The […]